Hi, I'm Riikka.

I believe that clutter in all its myriad forms is what’s holding many women back from their true power. 

Love, spirituality, home, health, career, emotional life, finances, friendships…. Through all these things runs a web of energy, like fascia, that is either limiting or liberating us. 

As a Spirit Coach and Sovereignty mentor, I work with women like you who are done with going around in circles. You realize life is short. You know that true power lies in the choices you make day to day.


  • You want healthy love. I help you develop an unshakable trust in yourself so that next time after:


A bad date

A rejection 

A period of loneliness


You continue to stand wholeheartedly in your power and your worthiness knowing in your bones that you can have Him – without losing yourself.

  • You long to remember who you are. I help you develop tools so you can access your Divine directly.

  • You understand the impact your living space has on you mood and well-being. I help you activate your home so that it becomes an outer expression of your inner world. 


You value one-on-one mentorship and confidently invest in yourself. You know it's necessary to do the inner work, that this will change the course of  your life.

For this woman, CLARITY IS THE NEW SEXY.


So, welcome! Make yourself at home. And tell me more about you.

With Love,